No more long queues at your wedding reception counter—GuestDay helps speed up guest registration while adding a touch of class. Here's how it works.

  • Feature your photos

    Show a beautiful montage of your photos, or your corporate or event logo, on the front screen of the app. When you're ready to check guests in, tap once anywhere for the search bar.

  • Fast, effective search

    Start typing guests' names, nicknames, affiliations, departments, or any other information you provide in your guest list, and the app will find them for you. Or give guests QR codes for even faster check-in.

  • All the information your guests need

    Guests can see the table at which they're seated, and who they're seated with. If guests seated together arrive together, check them all in at once, and save them from waiting.

  • Interactive map and automatic updates

    Guests can see where they're seated on an interactive, zoomable map. Attendee figures will be updated “live”, and synced across iPads, and shown in the pie chart in the top left corner.

  • Make changes easily

    Need to add a new guest, or move one to another table? Edit guest details and seating arrangements at any time. These, like attendance updates, sync across all iPads automatically.

What you need to do

We'll take care of setting up the iPads, apps, and data. Here's what we need from you before the big day...

Set everything up easily

  • Upload your guest list to us. Here's the template — never too early to get started!
  • Send us your table layout, so guests can see where they're seated.
  • Personalise your welcome screen with a beautiful montage of your wedding or event photos.
  • We'll bring the iPads to you, fully set-up with the GuestDay app and event data.

Learn how to use GuestDay in a snap

  • GuestDay is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use for anyone who's used a smartphone or tablet.
  • When we deliver the iPads, we will conduct a short briefing for your receptionists before your event begins.

When guests arrive...

Check guests in quickly and conveniently

  • Search for guests by name, nickname, how you know them, or other information you provide in the guest list.
  • For express check-ins, include QR codes on your invitation cards, which your receptionists can scan with the iPad cameras.
  • Make an impact with external monitors, connected to the iPads, to showcase your photos and table layout.

Provide guests with details they need and more

  • Show guests where they are seated with highlights on an interactive, zoomable map.
  • Guests can also see who they are seated with and who else has checked in at their table.
  • If guests who are seated together arrive together, check multiple parties in at that table's page, and save them from waiting.

Get attendee figures at a glance, and make changes easily

  • If you were using paper lists, you'd have to add all the guest attendance figures up. It's your big day! Don't spend your time doing math!
  • GuestDay syncs automatically across all iPads, so you can see total attendee figures at a glance from any device.
  • Edit guest details and seating arrangements at any time — these, too, sync across all iPads automatically!

Enjoy your event

Once the registration gets going, go entertain your guests, or at least worry about more pressing matters! Let GuestDay handle your registration, and you can check back on attendance at any time.

Once registration is closed, our friendly team will come by the venue to pack up the iPads and monitors. We'll also send you a final guest list on who attended your event, so you don't have to worry about tallying attendance figures from scraps of paper.

Ready to make a great impression at your wedding reception?

Wedding couples

These wedding couples used GuestDay to ensure that the guest reception experience was smooth, efficient, and elegant on their big days. Sign up now to do the same for yours.

GuestDay has really helped make the entire registration process much easier and a breeze! Thanks GuestDay for your professional service and really great attitude!

- Yvonne Lim, MediaCorp artiste, wedding dinner at the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore

The app was a real life saver! Not only did it help us to register guests quickly, it was also efficient in automatically informing guests about the location of their tables, saving even more time. Using the app, we could also inform guests of who they were seated with and if they had arrived. Another reason why I like the app is its beautiful layout, which allowed us to show the couple's wedding photographs to guests.

- Mr and Mrs Xie, wedding dinner at Regent Singapore

We managed to skip the long queues and endless searching through papers for guest names by using this service. The app was very user friendly, my reception helpers were able to register guests quite efficiently without any hassle.

- Hidayah, wedding dinner at Serangoon Garden Country Club

My guests were impressed! A definite must-have for those who want efficiency for both guests and helpers! Spend the extra to get the fanciful QR code registration if you want ease of registration for elderly folks as well as to lessen the load for helpers!

- Sabrina, wedding lunch at The St. Regis

Thank you so much GuestDay for the great assistance at our wedding! It made taking attendance an ease for our "sisters". A BIG thank you for your helpfulness and making a difference at our wedding with this program.

- Benson, wedding dinner at Marina Bay Sands

GuestDay worked efficiently to organize our dinner, leaving us more time to spend time with our guests!

- Linus, wedding dinner at Capella Singapore

Wedding Planners

Professional wedding planners find GuestDay invaluable in helping ensure their clients' receptions run smoothly. If you're a wedding planner, email us for information about our special packages. Event planners can read more at our Events page.

The GuestDay platform is sound and minimises errors that would otherwise be detrimental to the success of an event. It has enhanced the experience of our clients' weddings and their technical support is always prompt and reliable.

- Kim Tay, Heaven's Gift Wedding Concierge

As wedding planners, we have seen couples struggle with sorting out the logistics for their guest registration. Just by using iPads and downloading the GuestDay app, it allows for a smooth and fast registration process! Easy-to-use with instant updates, this is a creative and tech-savvy solution for all digital age wedding couples.

- Esta Giam & Kyla Chng, Truly Harmony, organisers of The Wedding Essentials Showcase

Spellbound thinks that GuestDay system is invaluable for couples that have a medium number of guests as it makes it easier for the hosts to update their guests list on the wedding day. GuestDay has also been prompt and up to speed with our requests prior to event day.

- Anna Lim, Spellbound Weddings

GuestDay's guest registration system provides couples with a professional and aesthetically pleasing way of registering guests. It is intuitive and easy-to-use for the receptionists, and guests often enjoy the experience of signing in with an iPad. We especially like that it allows us to view the overall attendance at any point in time. Their before and after-sales service is prompt and the team is friendly.

- Olivia Low, Our Fairytale Wedding